A high performance server based in the US for Australian Web Sites!

Improved performance for home pages located on Australian servers.

If you're reading this page in Australia, you may find it a little slow in performance. If you're browsing from another country, you'll find that it's rather quick, and high in performance, delivering a massive output of 45Mb/s directly into your computer through OC3 fiber optic link. The page appears slow to viewers in Australia due to the slow Pacific Link between the US and Australia, which delivers from the best of Australian servers a mere bandwidth of 8Mb/s (In fact some Australian servers are delivering a bandwidth of only 0.128Mb/s).

While your home page in Australia may appear fast to you, your overseas clients are receiving information much slower. In fact, the Pacific Link is our main link between Australia and the world. You can test the speed of this line for yourself by attempting to tune into a page in the UK, or Japan. That's how clients in these countries are viewing your Australian based home page!

Is your home page lacking exposure to Asian and European markets? Your Email sources could be your evidence.

You may have noticed in running your home page from Australia that you get plenty of enquiries from the US, Australia, and New Zealand, with relatively few messages coming from Asian or European countries. Many Europeans attempting to look at your web page will often give up the wait on receiving your hyper text pages and surf off elsewhere, which means you could be missing out on a market over twice the size of the US!

We offer a service where you can bypass the slow Pacific link between Australia and the rest of the world, making it easier for overseas customers to look at your products or services. The Pacific link between Australia and the US is not capable of delivering video and audio presentations consistently to overseas clients, but with your home page located on our server, your overseas client receives your presentation the way you would expect them to!

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We offer web design, web hosting and web promotional services, which will deliver your message to a far larger world than your Australian based home page can reach!

Supports FrontPage Developed Webs!

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