Virtual Domain Accounts

It is now easier to set your company apart from the rest with your own domain name. Examine each of the plans below, and pick the plan which matches your needs.

Ozelink Web Hosting Plans Please see our NT page for information on our NT Plans and Pricing
Plan Personal Plan (Plan 0)
Professional Plan (Plan 1)
Corporate Plan (Plan 2)
Commercial Plan (Plan 3)
Enterprise Plan (Plan 4)
High Volume (Plan 5)
Monthly Price ($US)
(3M min. contract required)
34.95 59.95 99.95 149.95 299.95 599.95
Domain name registration provided
Unlimited updates via your own FTP account
MB’s of data transfer per month 500 1500 2500 3250 5500 10000
MB’s of disk space 10 20 50 75 100 200
2 T3 fiber optic connections to the Internet on diverse backbones
High performance SGI Risc web servers
60,000 watt backup generator
Configurable, unlimited email forwarding to a default address
# of specific email forwarding addresses with plan 3 10 15 20 30 50
# of autoresponders included with plan 3 10 15 20 30 50
# of POP3 accounts included with plan 1 5 10 15 20 40
Account "Control Panel" accessed via WWW
Detailed web usage statistics & access to raw log files
Controllable anonymous FTP  
Custom CGI script support via your own cgi-bin directory  
Microsoft FrontPage ? support  
TrueSpeech server support included (real-time audio)  
Excite!? search engine support  
Real Audio? 4.0 server supporting Real Audio and Real Video    
Access to our SSL secure server (with or without your own certificate)    
Access to our mSQL databse server and utilities    
Cybercash support    
Shopping Cart program    
Enhanced database support *      
Listserver **      
Telnet access ***          
Additional Product:    

Mercantec's SoftCart
Mercantec's SoftCart on-line commerce solution can be purchased as an add-on product for Corporate Plan and higher accounts. Monthly lease costs are $150 per month (6 month minimum contract) with an initial $400 setup fee. The software license may also be purchased outright at a one-time cost of $1800 ($1500 for software license + $300 set up)

The Personal through Enterprise plans have a one-time set up fee of $65; the High Volume plan has a one-time set up fee of $595. The same fees apply to upgrades and downgrades.

3-month minimum contract required. Additional contract terms available at 6 month, 12 month and 24 month options.

For all plans, there will be a charge of $0.23/MB data transfer used in excess of the plan.

There will be a charge of $2/MB for disk space used in excess of the plan ($0.75/MB for High Volume plan). Additional disk space available in blocks of 5 MB.

* Enhanced database support is planned in the near future and a one-time licensing fee may apply.

** Not yet available. A more comprehensive listserver program with a web interface is planned for the near future.

*** Telnet access requires a static IP address

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